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UN projection variants for population (Table 3), downscaled from national to regional level (NUTS2). Results include urban and total population trends over the period 2010-2050 for the 214 Black sea regions, consistent with BS HOT, BS ALONE, BS COOP and BS COOL scenarios.

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The data consist in a set of nine raster maps representing the Land Use classification derived from MODIS in 2010 at a 500m pixel resolution, and predicted with Metronamica until 2050 according to the HOT, ALONE, COOP and COOL scenarios. Each map of LU is subdivided into 10 classes. On one hand, crops/natural vegetation, shrubland, barren or sparsely vegetated, forest, grassland, croplands and urban and built-up areas are changing along the years. On the other hand, water, snow and ice, and permanent wetlands remain fixed.